Friday, 9 March 2012

Newcon on this Sunday's event, with an update on the anthology.

Dear Discerning Reader

Picture the scene: an isolated country pub; it's a bitter (which is only fitting, this being a pub) and blustery night. Five weary travellers (okay, authors, but work with me here) huddle before a crackling fire. Slowly, falteringly, one of them starts to tell a story -- a chilling tale of dark spirits and tragedy. As the first narrator's (wholly original and never heard before) story reaches its dire conclusion, so another of the band begins to relate their own ghostly tale...

Thus they entertain each other (and an attentive audience that has mysteriously gathered for the occasion) well into the night, pushing back the darkness while populating its margins with malicious spirits and malevolent shades...

On Sunday 11th March 2012,

Amanda Hemingway
Paul Kane
Marie O'Regan
Mark West
Ian Whates

will gather at The Staff of Life pub in Mowsley, near Market Harborough in Leicestershire, to tell original ghost stories before a live audience, in an event jointly organised by NewCon Press and Un:bound.

If you are looking for something a little different to do of a Sunday, it would be a pleasure to see you at what promises to be a very special and unique event.

The readings are being filmed and will appear as part of a podcast programme (to include dramatic elements and other surprises) courtesy of Un:bound, while the stories read on the night will form the heart of an anthology of all original ghost story stories from NewCon Press: Hauntings. The anthology will appear as an e-book initially, but will subsequently be released as a signed limited edition hardback and paperback, launched at this year's Fantasycon in the Autumn.

Submissions are still coming in for the anthology and I'm working my way through those received at present, but I can confirm that I've already accepted stories from Tanith Lee, Sarah Singleton, and Liz Williams. Many others will follow. Cover art for the dead-tree version of the book is being created by Ben Baldwin, who produced the stunning cover for the imminent Dark Currentsanthology.

Right, that's it for now. It would be wonderful to see you on Sunday!



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