UBVE#5 The Fantasy Film

Presently named 'Welcome to Fantasyland' and subtitled 'all bards must die'
the UBVE team is planning a rather ambitious project to film in summer/autumn 2013 and release early 2014.

We are in fact filming an unbound movie and we need help.
UBVE is essentially a four man team and our productions are run on enthusiasm, volunteers and baked goods. That's not quite going to cut it for 'FantasyLand'.

This time we are actually going to have to set up a production company and find funding to cover expenses. We still essentially plan to run on enthusiasm, volunteers and baked goods, but since this will take more than a few hours to film we need to be able to feed and house people during filming at the very least. LEt us worry about that.

In the mean time, we need your help. We are looking for people who are willing to offer time to research suitable locations and other elements as we think of them, we need people with film making equipment and experience willing to get involved, we need some people who are comfortable acting, we need larpers, reenactors, costumes, weapons and people to man cameras, sound, lighting. We need people to help publicise when the time comes, to do make up and injuries and special effects. Mostly we need your enthusiasm.

If you are in any way interested in participating then please contact adele@unboundblogzine.com

We are asking for volunteers, we believe we can secure enough funding for expenses but not for professional fees. None the less, it's going to be great fun and a bit of a mad ride.

We will keep you updated with progress on the main page.
Adele & Vince