Sunday, 9 October 2011

Zombies in post.

Yesterday was fantastic. I am constantly blown away by how generous people can be with their time and energy. We had David Moody, Wayne Simmons, Jasper Bark, assorted family members, lovely bloggers and fans and a lady and her kids who just came in to pick up some stuff with her husbands who was running the marathon today. I hope it was another good day for them. The Phoenix let us mess around causing a certain amount of disruption and lurking in their basement, as well as having a member of staff eaten by zombies, on top of all that, the amazing Jenny Jackson travelled all the way from Lowestoft to give us our hideous zombies. Thanks to everyone including the rest of the team who will be working hard on the tie in shots and cut aways as well as post production for the next few weeks. I wonder if this is how parents feel when the kids bring home straight A's and something edible from home ec?

The photos I took are already on the main unbound flickr stream, I will be creating a special album of the day on flickr and facebook of all the photos from the day as they come in. If anyone has any let me know and i'll invite you to drop them on

It was fantastic fun, all centred around a fascinating round table with the authors where there was a certain amount of geeking out on zombie movies, in the dark, with torchlight, some gore and brain eating, lots of running away and pushing through or holding off zombie hoards and not everyone survived. The base script by Vincent did a great job and some of the add libbing and suggestions for minor changes worked in brilliantly. 

The first teaser will come out in the next days and then the final film is expected toward the end of November. 

When the film goes live we will be offering a couple of give aways, one will be totally open, the other will just be for mailing list members. To join the mailing list email unbound@unboundblogzine (dot) com and put 'ubve mailing list' in the title. 

Just to whet your appetite, these are the prize packs
 This is a 'haters' t shirt, two signed books, a hypodermic pen, a max brooks notebook and some postcards, bookmarks and a badge.

and this one will only be available

mailing list members, signed book,
i love zombies/terror4fun t shirt,
a hand signed by David Moody,
a max brooks notebook, hypo pen
and again the postcards etc, but also, our
original annotated script.

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