Sunday, 5 December 2010

It's Nearly Here!

It’s nearly here! The very first episode of Un:Bound Video Editions launches tomorrow evening at 8pm GMT. Until Then, here is the intro sequence for your pleasure.

And now a public service announcement from us at UBVE.

This is very much a pilot and has been a huge learning experience for us. With your support and encouragement (and once we have recovered and forgotten the sleepless nights and the endless editing), the things we learned here will effect how we create the next episode and how we set the house style for submissions.

Your feedback is important. Without knowing what works/doesn’t work for you, as a viewer we can’t make sure you get more of what you want in future. We all want more of what we want, so get your comments in to us on the same email as the mailing list (below).

Your support is important. Spread the word, embed the show in your own site, pimp it ruthlessly! It is not easy to produce UBVE and we need the viewing figures to justify its continued existence, also, we feed off your love and you don’t want us all to starve surely? Cthulhu will know!

Your input is important. Over the next few months we will be establishing the house style and setting out guidelines for contributions. Un:Bound has always had a pretty open door policy for reviewers and guests alike and we want UBVE to be the same. If you want to film at conventions, do video interviews, create segments either for the main show or as additional content, then we will be able to let you know what we need from you for it to be included on the site. The UBVE team would like to see this become the hub for genre fiction video worldwide, feeding into and from the wider blogosphere and drawing in potential viewers and fans who may be less inclined to search for articles and reviews online.

We want to give you free stuff so sign up for the mailing list. We won’t be sending out lots of mass emails, but from time to time will want to let you know there is new content up or a contest. Most contests will be exclusive to the mailing list and members of the mailing list will be entered automatically. Occasionally contests will require more action on your part and those, like the launch contest, will be opened up to the wider world. In these cases there will be two prizes, the main one, open to all and selected by randomizer from all entries, and a second smaller one where the winner will be selected from entrants on the mailing list. Yes it’s preferential treatment, but that’s because it helps us to know who is visiting and since the posting schedule will take some time to settle it’s important for us to be able to let people know when something happens!

Finally our long winded oscar style thank you’s, but it’s important! So thanks first of all to Alt.Fiction (Writing East Midlands) & Quad, Tor, Alasdair Stuart, Lee Harris and all the authors and Tor/PanMac staff who worked with us to make this happen. It was hugely brave of them to take the plunge before we had anything we could show them and before even we were sure what we were trying to achieve. We are hugely appreciative of their time, patience, enthusiasm and the ideas they brought with them.

Thanks to everyone who has already been helping us spread the word. You can find the sites we know have posted about UBVE in the left sidebar, if we have missed you, email or tweet @hagelrat to get that fixed!

Credits for additional footage, music etc are included at the end of the show.

Contact us!
Simply email and title your email ‘UBVE mailing list’ for addition on the mailing list or ‘UBVE feedback’ to have your comments noted. For anything else just include ‘UBVE’ in your title so we know it’s not for the review site.

You can follow the team on twitter to keep up with our day to day nonsense and other lives at Adele @hagelrat , Vincent @fiskerton , Kat @kathheubeck , Lee @LeeAHarris , Alasdair @AlasdairStuart

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