Wednesday, 16 May 2012

UBVE #5 A Call to Arms

You know how we love to always be careful to take on small projects, well within what we can handle and that will be so easy as to be dull. Yes? Yeah ok, you got me, we never behave like that, we are idiots and love being in over our heads. We are doing it again.

Here is what Vince has to say about it.

'The aim of Un:Bound Video Editions is to take writers and fans and throw them into the kind of stories they love to find out what makes them tick. After zombies, ghosts and a forthcoming murder mystery, we're thinking a little bigger for our next project - feature film size. It'll still have our trademark mix of real-life interviews and dramatic action, but the increased scale and scope means we're going to need help. That help could be anything from providing a suitable prop or item of clothing, to serving as an extra or pointing us to a location that would be great to use. We've planned for a long period of pre-production, because we know how hard it is to put together and release a quality film on a micro-budget, but it can be done if we work together. And honestly, who wants to go through life without making a kick-ass fantasy film?'

There is more information on the UBVE#5 page (tab at the top) and don't forget to sign up to our mailing list.

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